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Thinking outside of the box to do good

Reese Cleaning was thinking outside the box when it came to not charging for a customer cleanup.

Reese Professional Cleaning Service was recently called on to clean out a large number of cardboard boxes. But what were they from?

Two weeks ago, Reese Professional Cleaning was hired to remove a very large number of cardboard boxes from a building that we clean every day.

We agreed and got right to work. We had to take the cardboard boxes from an upstairs office, through a hallway and then down an elevator to get them outside. It seemed like the boxes were never-ending — the more we removed, the more they kept on coming.

In the end, we filled up eight Dumpsters.

“But what were all these boxes from?” we wondered. “Why so many?”

After all the work was completed, the client asked our company for an invoice — and the mystery was solved. It turns out the boxes were left over from a massive relief effort organized by our client for residents of Puerto Rico stricken by Hurricane Maria.

I thought to myself, “How can we bill a client for something like this?” It was an opportunity to do a good deed for a great cause. In the end, we decided not to submit the invoice in favor of the higher reward that comes from community service.

After being in business for the last 35 years, I have learned that money is not always the driving force behind every job. Sometimes, it’s just the satisfaction of doing the right thing.