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Post Construction Cleanup

building construction clean up

Our Rainbow System removes all dust during post construction cleanup

Post construction cleanup is a longstanding specialty of Reese Professional Cleaning Service. We employ our Rainbow System for environmental dust removal. The system starts with using the Rainbow machine, which collects fine dust into a water canister. Then we wipe surfaces twice, first with a damp micro fiber cloth and then with a dry micro fiber cloth. Our Rainbow System ensures that 95% of all dust will be removed from the construction site. After the cleanup, we take all the dust out with us inside the Rainbow machine, to be safely dumped at a proper location. Contact Reese now for a free post construction cleanup estimate.

“Reese recently performed cleaning services following a year long construction project involving HVAC work and plaster restoration. Our staff is very satisfied with the efficient, reliable and consistent service we have received and we would recommend this cleaning agency without hesitation.”

Fairmount Park Commission