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Museum & Historic House Cleaning

museum cleaning

We are insured to clean precious artifacts and exhibit spaces

Reese Professional Cleaning Service has a special insurance clearance that permits us to clean museum exhibits and precious artifacts. We take great care in cleaning our country’s national treasures, utilizing a special cleanser made specifically for that purpose. Our trained technicians are mindful of the importance of the items. Our system not only cleans them, but also preserves them. We use a machine called the Rainbow, which collects fine dust into a water canister so that no dust goes back into the indoor environment. This is the best approach for cleaning museums and historic houses. Contact Reese now for a free museum cleaning estimate.

“Every week, Reese services the Robert Waln Ryerss Museum and Library — a historic house museum under the auspices of the Fairmount Park Commission, and located in Northeast Philadelphia. The Robert Ryerss Museum is a specialized museum environment that requires particular care and attention to strict guidelines, including types of cleaning materials that can be used in areas of the museum that are to be cleaned. Our staff is very satisfied with the efficient, reliable and consistent work we have received, and we would recommend this cleaning agency without hesitation.”

Theresa R. Stuhlman, Fairmount Park Commission