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Carpet & Floor Restoration

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We clean and restore carpets and floors to like-new condition

At Reese, we take great pride in our mastery of carpet and floor cleaning. For carpets, our secret weapon is the Rotovac, an ingenious machine that deep cleans and restores carpets to like-new condition every time. Reese Professional Cleaning has restored thousands of square feet of carpet with this machine, saving our clients thousands of dollars in carpet repair and replacement costs. The green cleaning product we use to remove spots and stains has resulted in complete spot/stain removal on 95% of the carpets we have cleaned. The system we use ensures the carpet will be dry and ready for use within 15 minutes from the time cleaning is completed. For floors of all types — including vinyl ceramic tile (VCT), ceramic tile, terrazzo, marble and concrete —  we offer stripping, sealing, refinishing, polishing and burnishing. Our system guarantees that your floors will be restored to their original beauty. Contact Reese now for a free carpet and floor cleaning estimate.

“Reese has been servicing our organization for the past 10+ years, providing janitorial services and cleaning our tiled and carpeted floors. Each year, Mr. Reese and his crew come in to assist in our preparation for our annual inspection. The first year, Mr. Reese demonstrated a new piece of equipment called the Rotovac. Before the Rotovac demonstration, LMS felt that the carpets were a lost cause and were to be removed. However, the results were astonishing. They were able to restore all of the carpet in our building close to its original coloring and cleanliness. Because the Rotovac did such an outstanding job, we decided to keep the carpet and continue maintaining the care and cleaning of our carpets through Reese Professional Cleaning Service.”

Karen R. Sams, Liberty Management Services