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The story of James Reese begins in Paoli, Pa. James was the baby of 8 children. He was born into a family that had already started a cleaning company. James Reese Sr., his father, created Paoli House and Window Cleaning in 1944. Reese Sr. was a naturally gifted entrepreneur and businessman. He got his start in South Philadelphia as a professional tap dancer but one visit to a cousin in Paoli changed everything. While on this visit Reese Sr. met the love of his life and eventual wife Lele MacDonald. After his marriage Reese Sr. started initially washing windows for a company on the Main Line in Philadelphia. He witnessed the amount of money that was being made with just soap,water, and labor. He promptly ventured out to start his own business. The business grew rapidly and Reese built a house and continued to grow his budding business into a lucrative enterprise.

After 12 years Reese Sr. unfortunately divorced his young wife sold his business and relocated to New York City for a new start. He renamed the business Reese’s Home and Office Cleaning. This is where our current CEO James Reese Jr. comes into this amazing story. Being the baby of 8 and a boy, his mother felt he would be better with his father. So at 12 years old Reese Jr. was shipped to his father in New York where he immediately began working in and learning the cleaning business. As a young man Reese Jr. hated the business and soon as he was free to make his own choices he got married and chose to pursue a career in baking. By the age of 32 Reese Jr. was a master baker. Ironically it was during this period where Reese Sr. began to talk to his son about taking over the family business.

Reese Jr. originally had no intentions of pursuing or even being involved with his Fathers dream of his children carrying on his business. However, for a whole year Reese Sr. was persistent with an emphasis on how important it was to keep the business in the family. After a year of hearing his fathers urgings, Reese Jr. finally heeded the call in 1982. Since then, with his faithful wife Antionette by his side, the business has flourished and continued to prosper. Reese’s has built a stellar reputation for Honesty, Dependability, and Excellent Work.

Beyond Commercial and Residential Service Reese’s is totally dedicated to Philanthropy and giving back. In an effort to help ex-offenders who have been recently released, Reese’s created the Reese Recovery To Work Program (RRWP). Reese’s believes firmly that EVERY human being that makes mistakes deserves a chance to start over. We are proud to say that some of our best employees have come thru this program. One of our company goals is to employ those that have been deemed unemployable by society. In this way we do our part to create generational wealth for the unfortunate and rebuild our economy one person at a time.